Sunday, November 9, 2014


Sitting in a waiting room (why is it always in a waiting room?) with about 30 other women, I somehow drew the straw of picking the seat next to a couple that just LOVES to hear themselves talk. You know the type right?  People who speak way too loudly and reveal information that is really best for a more intimate setting, as in their own home. I got stuck next to these two yesterday and what ticked me off the most was this exchange:

Undesirable Woman: "OMG this baby is kicking higher than our other baby. Isn't that funny!? By the way everyone here still rememembers me! Isn't that funny!? I guess it hasn't been that long since our other baby."

Undesirable Man: "Oh that IS funny, it was only 17 months between!"

Undesirable Woman: "No it was 18 months!"

Undesirable Man: "No it was 17!"

Aren't you annoyed right now just listening to this story? They went back and forth on this for another few minutes. I wanted to strangle them and the woman across from me, who looked as though she was having a very bad day, looked as though she actually could impart bodily harm. I am not sure which part of them irked me most, what they were saying or their complete inability to modulate their own voices. The thing is, you don't know what the person next to you or across from you has gone through, broadcasting how "gosh darn lucky" you have been on the procreation front is tone-deaf and juvenile.

Here is a PSA: When you are sitting in a packed waiting room with a bunch of hormonal women try to keep your mouth shut. Or at the very least, know your audience.

- Jennifer

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