Monday, March 17, 2014


Over the years Kira and I have laughed at either people or situations that have seriously made us wonder if the universe was conspiring against us. There have been so many instances where both of us have had conversations with people that left us scratching our heads thinking, "Did she really say that?" So there came a point when I started to keep a list of what I affectionately called "Landmines".  These situations have at times made me feel even worse about being a repeater in terms of pregnancy loss, but in hindsight also made me chuckle. So, we thought it would be kind of fun/ funny to include them here on our blog. If any of you have some real winners please feel free to share. Hopefully these will make you laugh and feel a little less alone, or at the very least start to question the intelligence of some people. This week I will start with one that still makes me say "Hmmmmm."

After having had three miscarriages, one of them in my 2nd trimester, an old friend of mine sent me a 5 minute PowerPoint presentation announcing her third pregnancy complete with ultrasound images set to music that was one part Enya and one part Celine Dion. Which in my opinion equals horrendous on all fronts.

- Jennifer

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