Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Clomid: Breakfast of Champions?

Over the weekend I had a conversation with both my husband and a dear friend regarding Indianapolis Colts hulking linebacker Robert Mathis who recently failed a drug test resulting in a four-game suspension. At this point you are probably wondering why I am discussing the NFL on this blog. Good question. The reason is, Mathis revealed to the NFL the culprit behind his failed drug test, Clomid. Yes you read that correctly. The fertility medication that millions of women have been prescribed for decades to induce ovulation is apparently now being used, but not approved by the FDA, for male fertility. Mathis stated he and his wife experienced difficulty conceiving, which prompted his doctor to prescribe Clomid. Now, as an NFL player you should be pretty aware that anything you take (vitamins, supplements, etc...) need to be approved. Mathis did not seek that clearance, hence the punishment.
There is so much going on in this story I don't even know where to begin. Male fertility drugs can enhance an athlete's performance due to the boost in testosterone. But if Mathis is telling the truth then shouldn't the NFL reverse their decision? Furthermore, shouldn't we applaud him for his honesty?  I can't imagine that it's easy for an NFL linebacker, or really any man, to admit their fertility issues to the world (even if he is 6'2" and 245 lbs). Perhaps his honesty helped other men breath a little sigh of a relief in knowing they aren't alone. If Mathis is lying, well shame on him for using infertility as a scapegoat. Unfortunately the cynic in me believes the latter. Which is too bad, as it undercuts a conversation that could desperately use a healthy shot (sorry for the pun) of media attention.

- Jennifer

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